hospital visit etc

Just home, after an exhausting 24 hours over visiting my Mum, who had (yet another) ambulance to hospital yesterday. This time, they’re keeping her in a bit longer than “just overnight for observation and assessment”, and are starting to realise that she’ll need more home support in place before she can be discharged. I’m back over there tomorrow evening, at which point she may or may not be discharged.

In the meantime, soaking in a hot bath for an hour is needed, to free up all the muscles in my back. Shitty weather & back-breaking train seats & the occasional over-enthusiastic cab driver driving through potholes have meant doses of tramadol to enable me to walk even fifty yards (they don’t actually stop it hurting – they simply make me not mind how much it hurts!). Once Mum is settled a bit, I think I’d better arrange a GP visit for myself, as I’m not normally this mobility-impaired.

out and about

Yesterday was over to Mum’s to meet up with Jane, Chloe, Phoebe. Chloe was very under the weather, having just broken up with her boyfriend, but Phoebe was hr usual bubbly self.

Today was Worcester Pride. I helped out on the Green Party stall for a couple of hours, in a really good atmosphere. Quite a change from the over-commercial and youth/yuppie orientation which I fel has come to typify London Pride.

And I received a fair number of approving comments about my shirt!

Mum in hospital

Over to Oxford today: Mum was taken into hospital last night. Hopefully, it’s the same as last time, and a couple of days will sort things out for her. Fingers crossed.

(later, from FB comments)

She was released late afternoon, and is now home, though still very weak. The care team assessor – due 1730-1800 – turned up just before 2000h as I was halfway through cooking: supper now on indefinite hold until he finshes! I’ll probably stay here until Wednesday … I doubt that Mum will be able to get out of bed tomorrow.

silly time to get up

Up at silly-o’clock, gulping my second mug of coffee before going over to my Mum’s to be supportive for a hospital appointment she has this morning. Ocado delivery successfully postponed from 1030 this morning to 2230 tonight, other deliveries expected today will probably need to be collected from a depot somewhere dreadful in due course ….


News on Mum is that she had (mild) pneumonia, but is bow slowly recovering, though it may take a couple of months.

Mum slowly recovering

Handrail now installed for steps in back lobby. Substitute TV installed in sitting room. Main TV in Mum’s room, with new aerial, and she is in bed having fallen asleep watching it. She’s still frail, but seems to be getting better, though wrist and broken upper arm will take ages to mend at her age. 

Carer visiting morning, lunchtime and afternoon, and Michael (slightly-older boyfriend) staying all week. I’m off home tomorrow, but will be back in a few days.

handrail fitted