Flying Scotsman, the Common

A trip over to Mum’s. Actually, a much-delayed trip! I couldn’t do last weekend, as it was “rail replacement” buses for most of the trip, which I can’t handle, so it was rearranged for Tuesday. The weather was foul, and Mum felt OK, so it was postponed – Sim was due to visit Thursday to Sunday. But Sim then had a cold and was too ill to visit, so I said I’d do Saturday to Sunday.

I really don’t like staying overnight. Far too much to carry,  and “anytime” returns are a lot more expensive than day returns. And, of course, it’s cab to and from the station, as the e-bike is only insured for a maximum of 24 hours when left at a station.

Going via  ASDA for veg and catfood, I arrived with half an hour to spare. Just as well: the place was heaving, due to the arrival of the Flying Scotsman on an excursion train. It’s vaguely visible in the background here!

The weather was basically cold and wet, though I did manage a quick stroll on the Common. There was a sunny spell after tea, when we managed to sit outside the back door in warm sunshine!

On the Common, the Early Purple orchids have completely disappeared from the spot where I always used to find them. However, the number along the side of the old playing field area is increasing, and there are three new colonies of them scattered around, so tht’s all encouraging. Alchemilla (Lady’s Mantle) in flower also along the edge of the playing field, foxgloves looking great in their natural setting, and the wild honeysuckle in blossom.

images are “clickable”

When I got back to Mum’s, I checked the area of orchids to the north of the house, and had a surprise!