Haven’t logged on for ages – life has been “interesting”.

The big news is that I’ve sold my London flat (subject to contract), and have just put in an offer on a place in Worcester in need of total modernisation … if I get it, it will no doubt keep me happily occupied for a year or so! It’s true that moving is one of life’s most stressful things, and I’ve barely started the process yet!

CT scan

Thursday morning at 0930 I have a CT scan. This is to determine whether the vague suspicion of a possible shadow on my chest X-ray was the start of TB, the start of something potentially much more serious, or just an imaging artefact. I’ve been looking forward to this with increasing trepidation for six weeks now …

(posted on the Thursday afternoon) The process itself was very straightforward once I’d found the place (everything within the hospital has moved to new buildings over the past six weeks, and the signage hasn’t caught up yet!). Unless there’s really dreadful news – in which case they might ring me – I don’t expect to get results until I see consultant in mid-July.


How wonderful Freecycle is!

A most generous guy responded to my “wanted” ad and given us an old PC (working but no disc drive) for my “honorary foster son” Maurice. I’ve put in a spare old drive: today will be be devoted to getting the lad on line and installing lots of lovely Open-Source / free programs. It will make a big difference to his life to be able to MSN, especially as he’s still ill (TB etc) & often can’t get out much.

ugh …

I’ve just emerged from a bout of massive depression – the sudden change of weather crippled my back and left me in agony: pain past a certain point always results in a depresso attack. I’m now getting to grips with the post-depresso backlog of house/personal care, feeding etc, after three days spent largely in bed with the blanket over my head! Still, it’s the first time for months: life is good the rest of the time.

off to Suffolk

Today I’m off to spend a long weekend with my brother and his family in deepest rural Suffolk. It will be the first time I’ve introduced my new partner to them (or to any member of my family) … nervous probably doesn’t begin to describe how I feel!

these photos of the trip added later:

Maurice on the pier at Southwold, talking to a fisherman
Maurice on the pier at Southwold, talking to a fisherman
Maurice and Jesse at Dunwich
Maurice and Jesse at Dunwich
Maurice at Dunwich
Maurice at Dunwich

bits and pieces

An afternoon in the garden. Toads busy in the pond,and the Iberis is coming out.

Later, we went out to the funfair at Finsbury Park – the first time Maurice has really been able to go out, though he got exhausted and had difficulty walking back. We ended up catching the tube from Manor House back to Finsbury Park and then up to Seven Sisters.

a knot of toads
a knot of toads





Boiler broke down on Sunday afternoon – water all over the bathroom … Engineer treated me as a “priority” because I’m disabled, and currently have a disabled houseguest as well … so he arrived shortly after mid-day. Unfortunately, the boiler needs bits … which can’t be got until mid-day tomorrow.

fateful words!

I’m moving my blog to a new platform from now on, so I’ve spent most of the day struggling with WordPress, and trying to remember how to set up and administer a new SQL database through my hosts not-too-helpful interface. All done now, I hope!

In many ways life would be simpler if I used an off-the-shelf site like livejournal or blogger, but I have this thing about liking hands-on control. The previous set-up was easy, and easy to back up: this one is less so, and backup involves playing with phpmyadmin, so I probably won’t do it as often as I should!

Those were fated words. The blog ran along until the middle of 2012, when it crashed irrecoverably with a corrupted database. I despaired, and the blog went on leave for nearly seven years – until May 2019. Posts between 31st January 2010 and 1st May 2019 have been reconstructed from a mix of Facebook posts, posts on other media, and my photo albums (where the date was in the photo data and it triggered memories).  My web host now offers a decent backup service (for which I’m paying an extra couple of quid a month), so hopefully won’t have the same thing this time round!

Introduction to stage lighting

I’ve just run the first session of my “Introduction to Stage Lighting” course – the first time I’ve delivered it for ten or twelve years! It seemed to go well, but I’m exhausted now. Two more sessions to do – and then another three groups each doing three sessions over the next six weeks … as I’m no longer able to go up and down ladders, I guess it’s a case of “those who can’t, teach!”.

sister’s 50th

Out for my sisters 50th birthday last night, ending in a cocktail bar. Myself, my sister and Jane Keene and Carrie Wright (as were) – two of her schoolfriends – plus her daughter & boyfriend. All of us reverted to acting like 15-year-olds again – apart from my niece who is just 20! Great evening, good to see J. and C. after 25 years, and I’m glad it was Liverpool prices not London ones!