garden bits

My patio peach had bad leaf-curl in its first year, and was a complete wipeout last year – every single leaf infected! It eventually died. I’ve decided that here is obviously not a good place for peaches, so have replaced it with something different. This morning, a patio peach “Stella” arrived, and has duly been planted in the half barrel formerly occupied by the peach.

Arrived yesterday, the meconopsis plants I order a while ago. They’ve also been planted out, though I fear that the ground is really too soggy for them to flourish.


The first flowers on the Winter Jasmine opened this morning, looking stunning in the sunshine. Three and a half years after I took it as a self-rooted layer from my Mum’s, it’s now large enough that I’ll be able to cut sprigs for a vase on the coffee table during the darkest winter months.

garden bits

Tomato plants pulled up and consigned to waste, covers off the tomato-houses and hung on the line to dry, and the few remaining green tomatoes brought in. If they manage to turn colour, they’ll be OK for sauces and suchlike.

garden bits

A hour or two in the garden. The bean poles have been pulled up, a couple of self-seeded foxgloves in that bed transplanted to the wildflower patch, and the bed forked over.

Going to the shed for tools, I noticed piles of scraped earth on the step up to the doorway- I suspect that Badger may have made their set under the shed (which is raised on about 18″ high legs, to keep it out of the damp). I’d be quite happy if that’s the case … it certainly would account for a recent absence of rats!  I’ve moved the trailcam to cover the area for the next few days, so hopefully will see something.

sort of unseasonal

Glastonbury Thorns are notoriously erratic about the second blossoming of the year. Legend has it that they bloom on Christmas Day (if at all). Mine, however, has just opened several sets of blossoms this afternoon! Although it flowers prolifically in early April, this is the first year I’ve had anything in the winter – a cheering sight on a somewhat grey and windy day.

Brompton rail trip

I bought the (second-hand, electrified) Brompton a couple of months ago, partly with the intention of being able to take it on the train. After a bit of getting used to the folding of it, the sensitive steering due to tiny wheels, and other peculiarities, I finally summoned up the nerve. Here it is at my Mum’s, having cycled the three miles from Hanborough station, after a train trip from Worcester.
I’m not sure how often I’ll do it – carrying enough “stuff” for more than one night would be difficult – but it’s nice to know that I can.

second crop

For the first time ever, I’m close to getting a second crop of the year from my 7-year-old fig tree! It’s a race between night-time temperatures (last night was only half a degree centigrade) and moderate daytimes, but I did have one ripe fig to pick at lunchtime today.