flowers for the coffee table

I’ve decided to keep a log for a year, starting 1st June 2022, of the flowers that I cut and bring in to put in a vase on the coffee table, or on the whatnot. It might help me work out where the gaps are, and whether there are things I can get to cover them.

flash photo of vase of valerian on coffee table, sleeping cat in foreground

2nd June 2022.
Valerian on the coffee table,
plus sleeping cat.

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flash photo of sliver/purple alium

2nd June 2022
The largest and latest of the aliums – starry silvery purple flowers. It’s the first time I’ve tried this as a cut flower.

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14th June 2022
The valerian has been over since before the weekend (it’s now Wednesday), though the alium has a few days left in it. The alstroemeria is no out … and in.

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