More about my garden

The running blog accessed through the right-hand panel has many pictures of what’s going on in the garden, sometimes on a daily basis. But underlying that there’s a mix of things going on.

Some of the garden is about looking pretty, of course. But there’s also much that is to do with memory: plants that have “meant something” to me, or are reminders of other times and places. Other things are to do with nature – trying to find a compromise between my human needs and the needs of the assorted animals, invertebrates and “weeds” that are increasingly rare in our over-exploited countryside.

Then there’s food production – a 3-way compromise, this, between taste, yield, and ease of growing. I admit to also having an affection for the curious, and there’s inevitably a touch of “I wonder what …” in a couple of experiments every year.

Sections here include:

encouraging wild things
wildflower bank
memories and inheritances
cropping plans