memories and inheritances

So much of my garden is about memory, about different people, places, and times. It’s part of my becoming rooted here – new offshoots from the past that I carry with me.

First in pride of place. this apple Annie-Elisabeth is for my aunt, from whom I inherited the money to afford this house, and for my mother, from whose garden many of the plants here came. It’s also a memory of my grandparents’ garden in Windsor Great Park, where Annie-Elisabeth was one of the elderly apple trees that dotted the lawn on which we played our own version of croquet.

I’m very fond of cyclamen hederifolium – my grandparents lawn had a very large colony of them, spreading out from a dry flowerbed under the towering fir tree. I took some corms from them to my London flat in the mid-1980s, and thence to my first house in Worcester, and now on to my current place, where they’re very slowly spreading.

mid-blue iris flower (species iris)

Iris siberica are an absolute delight! My Mum has large clumps of them, and I took a few many years ago. They were glorious under the peach tree in my garden in London, and seem to enjoy my present garden a lot. For me, they’re one of the harbingers of summer, and beloved partly because of that … difficult to photograph, though, as there’s something about that shade of blue that digital cameras find hard to capture.

My brother had a retirement project of becoming the holder of the National Collection of Erysimums. One of the lovely plants he acquired was erysimum mutabile – the changeable wallflower – of which he gave me a cutting. Subsequent cuttings moved with me from London to my first house in Worcester, and a further cutting to my present house, where this is the second succession (they only live a few years)

dendrobium orchid with white flowers

OK, houseplant not garden plant! My brother sent me a dendrobium as a house-warming gift in 2011when I moved from London to Worceser. There have been a number of baby keiki, and this one was a couple of years old and blooming for the first time. Several others are scattered around the house!