cropping plans

Once I’d got to grips with the basic layout of this garden, and had the raised beds filled with (not very great) soil, I thought I’d better do a “cropping plan”. Needless to say, no plan survives contact with reality for long!

However, I find it useful to have a laminated copy pinned up on the kitchen noticeboard, on which I make notes of changes, sowing / planting out dates, and suchlike. It does give me the illusion of being vaguely in control.

First, here’s a scan of this year’s plan that’s currently pinned up in the kitchen, with handwritten amendments current at May 23rd 2022. Then there’s a gallery of plans for the six years 2017-2022, as originally printed. It’s interesting to look back on the different layouts I’ve used, reflecting evolving emphasis and shifting enthusiasms over the years.

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scan of 2022 working copy of plan

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