History of this blog

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I first started a blog way back in July 2005. Things were a lot more primitive back then! Most of the entries have now been transferred to this blog, but for the curious, there’s an archive of it at http://www.nickweeks.net/blog/archive.html .

At the start of 2010 I decided to run things on WordPress, and ran that blog until near the start of June 2014. Sadly, there was a catastrophic crash, and that section of old blog was lost. Although I’ve recently discovered it’s possible to resurrect some of it, I got disheartened and stopped blogging.

However, it’s now May 2019, and I’ve decided to have another go at things. My web host now offers a backup service, so things should be a bit safer! There’s a current blog, and I’ll gradually introduce assorted pages from the 2005-10 website, suitably refreshed, along with assorted blog-like posts I’ve made on Facebook and other social media between 2010 and 2019, supplemented by photos where I have them. In general, times are those of the original posts (midnight for the 2005-10 posts as that blog does not show times), though sometimes I’ve combined successive posts, or added stuff from comments, which is indicated by (later). One or two entries are just from my photos plus what I remember, dated by the EXIF data on the photo.

Why May 2019?  Maurice – who was variously my joy and my responsibility, my delight and my despair – died on 21st April 2018. That was, coincidentally, my 63rd birthday (and also his brothers birthday). It’s taken me a year of grieving, and I think reviewing old blog/facebook/etc entries and starting the blog anew is to do with wrapping up “what was” and starting on “what’s new and what will be”.