Trip to Suffolk

Thursday 16th was over to Suffolk to my brother’s place, for a fishing day on Friday. I loathe the train journey! It involves leaving home just before 1100, going Worcester Shrub Hill > London Paddington > London Liverpool Street > Ipswich > Halesworth, arriving 1655. Each time I do it, I swear “never again”, but so far it hasn’t worked out to stay in London over the previous night – this time, because of a Green Party meeting on the Wednesday evening.

Friday 17th was up bright and early at 0620, arriving at fishing just before 0700h. Geoff was already there (having been unsure whether we were meeting at 0600 or 0700) and set up. “Bob the Bailiff” came round mid-morning – I’m not sure if he took pity on us, or genuinely thought that we were all aged over 65, but we got the OAP rate of £8 each.

Not a brilliant fishing day for me – a dozen or so little roach. Geoff (fishing one side of me) had three carp (to around ten pounds) in the morning, and Sim (fishing the other side of me) had several decent carp and perch in the afternoon – that’s just how it goes. Fishing finished about 1700h.

Saturday 18th started with a facebook message from Andrew Cross, saying he could drop off the agreed Green Party poster board later. I messaged back “if you’re happy to put the signboard up yourself, please feel free. A post driven into the front flowerbed wll do the business – preferably towards the dustbin end ( the plants there are pretty bombproof). Or leave the stuff behind the bins and I’ll put it up tomorrow. Many thanks“. He not only put it up, but brought my bin back in (out as I’d been away on Thursday bin-day), and sent me a pic of it all:

It was then the drive over to Green Mount, with Sim driving the first half and Phoebe doing the rest. A really utterly dreadful coffee and OK toastie for lunch at the changeover spot, in a Costa. Heavy shower, and I really was not walking at all well! fortunately, it cleared up later, and I was able to go for my usual stroll on the Common around 1600h.

Just going on to the Common there was a swarm of bees over the path, about nine feet in the air. I think it’s the first time I’ve seen a swarm for about 40 years!


swarm of bees (still pic)

Sim and Phoebe drove me to the station for the 2100 train. As always, the “train describer board” was acting up – 90 seconds of going through its re-boot procedure, ten seconds of showing train information, followed by re-booting again …

Normally, I have return tickets, of course.This time I didn’t, having come from Suffolk. I was very tempted to try it on – I get my ticket checked about once a year on these evening trains – but decided not to. Just as well: there actually was a ticket check this time!

Home just short of 2230, and spent the next hour reassuring Chelsea-cat. She does get into a bit of a state, and won’t even eat unless I remain in the kitchen with her, which is a trifle inconvenient.

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