leaving Labour, joining Greens

this is what I sent:

Dear Labour Party

I would like to resign my membership of the Party, and be removed from all associated mailing lists.

I recently moved house (the address above is the one you have on file, not the current one) out of London. I have been hesitating about transferring my membership to the constituency I now live in.

I regret that the leadership’s recent endorsement of so many of the Government’s cuts has now made it impossible for me to continue in membership. As a disabled person, and as a retired Local Government Principal Officer, I have a strong commitment to fair treatment for all. which I believe that the Labour Party no longer shares. Instead, the leadership seems to be not merely mutely standing by, but actually supporting and applauding, as the poorest and most vulnerable members of our society are further victimised and disadvantaged.

Please acknowledge receipt of this, and termination of my membership, as it my intention to join the Green Party as soon as my Labour membership can be ended.

Yours regretfully

and, as I posted on a gay discussion website:

To be honest, I think Green’s influence will be largely about shaping the modes of discourse, and some holding of balance of power at the local level. That isn’t to be sneezed at – the Liberals, and lately the LibDems at local level, have achieved much in a similar role.

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