I’ve agreed to print and fold 63,000 A5 double-sided “blue letters” for Carla Denyer in Bristol. She’s our best hope for a / an additional Green MP, so I’m pleased to help. 7,000 were done at the start of last weeks, and an additional 2,000 were collected on Friday. Slightly different artwork for the batch I’ve just finished – below is what 20,000 blue letters looks like! Only 34,000 to go. Still massive problems with te folding machine – it only does about 1-2,000 folds before giving up and needing the temporary fix of a wire through where the defective roller pin should go replaced.

Also, sadly, Mum was unresponsive when Sharon tried to wake her on Saturday, and was taken to JR. An MRI revealed a bleed on the brain – a stroke, in short. On Sunday she was apparently unresponsive while being washed, but – to the surprise of the medical team – came to when she heard Jane’s voice talking to the nurses. She’s apparently eating and drinking OK, and can speak in short sentences, very slowly. Per her advance directions, no major intervention is to take place: she’s on supportive care only. I’m going over tomorrow- rather earlier than usual, as I hope to be there when the doctor does their rounds.

I’m still very shaky on the least exertion. Feels like a massive adrenaline buzz, or like far too much caffeine. Blood test on Wednesday morning (12th).

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