Chelsea-cat has been having a bit of a rough time recently. Her back legs have been dodgy since last summer, and not brilliant over the winter (though she still managed to jump onto the kitchen table for food). On Friday night things took a massive turn for the worse, and she couldn’t use her back legs to walk, dragging herself along by her front legs. She recovered gently over Saturday, more so on Sunday and Monday.

Vet-at-Home visit today. It’s possible that her kidneys are failing, and she certainly has bad arthritis, so a relieving injection that lasts for a month has been given (can be repeated if necessary). I have a supply of oral painkiller if she seems to be in severe distress. She’s nearly 17, so it’s basically old-age stuff – I sympathise!

Cost about £180, which I was happy to pay. Chelsea really isn’t up to a cat-basket trip to the surgery even at her best (and I’m not sure that I am, either). Chelsea got an extra lunch for being cooperative!

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