A shit day today, mainly crawling round on hands and knees as standing is difficult. Chelsea-cat finds this amusing!

Fringes of Storm Ciaran outside doesn’t help, but it’s mainly because I overdid things yesterday. Cycle in intermittent showers to the station, hour on the train to Hanborough, cycle 30 minutes in intermittent showers (over collection of potholes masquerading as a road) to ASD assessment appointment (Worton, near Cassington). Then cycle 30 minutes in the dusk and showers and invisible potholes back to station, 100 minutes on delayed train, cycle home (more dusk and showers, fewer potholes), then leave 30 minutes later for a 2+hour Elections Strategy meeting.

Still, the appointment went well, and as a full ADOS-2 session was a significant milestone in understanding a bit more about where I might fit (if anywhere) “on the spectrum”.

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