kilos and steps

Three years ago, I started the “diabetes prevention” course: a bit more exercise and a slightly changed diet. The last year has been OK on the exercise front, at an average of 3663 steps a day (about 5,000 in the 7 months of “summer” BST, and just over half that in the dark GMT months). I’m happy with that, especially as covid laid me low for six weeks or so. It’s an improvement on 2020-1 (3,304 steps) and 2021-2 (3074 steps).
Less good is my weight. From 74kg at the start of Feb 2020, down to 67.7 in 2021, and 65.2 last year, it’s crept up to 68.4. A target average of 1800 calories a day seems to put on the pounds! I’m dropping my daily ration to 1700 calories … fingers crossed, as I don’t think I can face going back to the 1500 calories of my first year of watching weight.
It’s all a far cry from my working life, where I was steady on 55kg for twenty-odd years!

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