fleas !

I got home from 4 days away to find that “someone” in the neighbourhood collection of felines has gifted me with a magnificent collection of fleas! In the carpet all round my armchair, and in the bedroom. Highly not amused!
It isn’t the resident Chelsea-cat, who appears clear of them. I doubt it’s the Marmalade Garden Cat, who only ever ventures as far as the kitchen. Probably not Murray or his sister, who I’ve never seen upstairs … which means suspicion falls on the very handsome next-door-cat Enzo. I’m on holiday-cover for feeding him all next week, and will examine him closely!
However, I’m well-prepared, even if the little blighters aren’t usually troublesome until September. Carpets sprinkled, left for an hour while I sat in the garden, then hoovered twice.
Fingers crossed that I win this round.

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