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Having had a respiratory infection last week, I reported it to the Synexus RSV vaccine trial I’m part of, and was asked to go in yesterday morning. I explained that I can’t do rush-hour, standing-room-only trains, so they offered a cab. I’m slightly uneasy about how sending a cab from Birmingham to Worcester to fetch me, and the same on a return journey, sits with my generally Green approach. However, pragmatically, I suppose it’s a question of “greater good” – RSV is a killer of infants and elderly.

I was up early. As Monday was a Bank Holiday, I hadn’t had any confirmation of the cab arrangements, so rang Synexus just after 8. They were happy to confirm that a cab had been booked for 0900h. The driver was rather too chatty for my taste at that hour of morning, but still better than rush-hour trains!

I’d been invited for tea at Clare and Ian’s. Not only Ian’s 60th, but also Leslie visiting from Australia: we worked out that the last time I saw Leslie was at Ian’s 40th exactly 20 years ago!

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