sowing indoors

Yesterday was a session of cleaning and sterilising the heated propagator tray. I did eventually track down seven of the eight pots and covers it uses … no idea where the errant one has got to!

The open bag of multi-purpose compost is thoroughly dried out, and it took a lot of effort to re-wet it. However, I managed to do enough yesterday to sow seeds of the “peter pepper” chilli, which I’ll grow indoors.

Today I sowed loofah plant seeds – which is one of this year’s experiments, to be grown in the deep pot outside the back door. It will probably have lots of Morning Glory “Grandpa Ott” come up, as well, as that’s what the pot contained last year, but no harm done as loofahs are not particularly decorative and I’m sure can stand a bit of competition.

Next items to sow will be tomatoes in ten days time – I traditionally sow them on Valentine’s Day.

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