book group

Last night was the inaugural meeting of the Worcester LGBT+ book group. When the meeting started, it was me and eight women, but Chris & Steve came along after about five minutes, which evened things up a bit. I’d have been a bit nervous sbout being the only man – almost certainly a relic of my student days of being the “token gay” on committees, and more recently being sometimes cast as the “token disabled person”.

Anyway, a very good start, and this group of us is meeting again on 31st, as a trial run, before the first proper meeting on the first Wednesday in September.

In the garden, the flowering rush is now in full bloom. The runner beans are covered in blossom, which bodes well. I’m a bit surprised: last year I had a mix of white-flowered and red-flowered beans, and the saved seed was a mix of white beans and purple beans – but the flowers (so far) this year are all red! I’m aiming eventually to just keep saving seed, hoping to end up with a type that is well-suited to here, as I’ve had disappointing results from some seeds and bought plants, and great results from others.

My saved cosmos seed got eaten by slugs as soon as the plants went out. The bought replacement plants have just come into flower – a pale yellow, as an experiment. I’m not convinced, and think I’ll revert to pink next year.



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