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A very “senior moment” this morning! I couldn’t remember if I’d taken my morning dose of pills. Complete mental blank about it. Fortunately, when I looked in the kitchen drawer, it was clear that the evening meds were on top of the morning ones, so pretty clearly I hadn’t yet had the morning ones.

Let’s hope this doesn’t become a regular occurrence – I don’t feel ready for dosette boxes and suchlike aids for the elderly quite yet!

The first if the Shirley poppies came into flower this morning. They self-seed so generously that they’re a bit of a nuisance! However, this one is in the planter for the fig tree, so not really a problem.

The ceanothus is looking splendid, and mimulus is coming out in handfuls. Elsewhere, the first foxglove has opened in the “messy” ground up by the raspberries. The rose “Etoile d’Hollande” doesn’t seem in the least upset by the recent change from trellis to rose arch, and is making excellent growth over the new structure,with more promising flowerbuds.

images are “clickable”

This afternoon will see me dragging the printer out – Green Party newsletters for part of Worcester to do. I might also try to plant out some rather leggy lettuces, which are currently languishing on the cloakroom windowsill!

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