Would you believe it!

I spent 45 minutes rootling through the 3 boxes of “miscellaneous leads” in the loft, looking for an IEC (kettle-type) lead. Not one to be found! Ten years ago, I had half a dozen spares, I’m sure. Now everything seems to be the “cloverleaf” design (which is smaller). So I’ve had to order an IEC plug from Ebay.

Why do I need one? The power cut on New Year’s Eve seems to have finally put paid to the monitor on my desktop PC. Well, it came back on for an hour, but next time I tried it, it was thoroughly dead. Considering it was free, second-hand, 9 years ago, it’s not done badly. Anyway, replacement (secondhand) monitor arrived this morning, and needed an IEC lead (the old monitor used a power brick with a cloverleaf socket).

kettle lead

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