Election day – ii (domestic interlude)

Just after the last set of elections – the local ones on 2nd May – I got around to getting decently acquainted with my 3D printer. Having lost my previous strawberries in the notoriously-waterlogged Worcester winter, I decided to print some strawberry towers. The first one was planted up on 12th May (details here), followed by two others.

It’s now a bare two months later. The first tower – the “early” ones – is laden with fruit that is rapidly approaching ripeness. I’m delighted, and it’s unexpected, as strawberries generally don’t do brilliantly in their first year.

Election day – i

Back home on the patio for a much-needed coffee after a couple of hours outside the rather breezy St Barnabas polling station. Sunny spells means that people are much more cheerful than the rather vile weather we had in May! Calls of “hello” from passers-by on the other side of the street and suchlike are always encouraging.

I’ll put in another couple of hours this evening. Most of Worcester Greens are over in Herefordshire, to support Ellie Chowns who stands an excellent chance, but I’m not up to a full day’s activities there.