RIP Chelsea cat

I posted this to Facebook last night:

More bad news …
I got home to find that Chelsea-cat has lost the use of her back legs, and lost continence.. Though they’ve been dodgy for a while, she now simply cannot use them. I spoke to the vet nurse, and have arranged a visit tomorrow lunchtime, but the nurse gently said that it may be end-of-life, and I rather think he’s right.
She’s very nearly 17, which is a fair age. She doesn’t seem to be in pain, so much as in severe distress at her inability to move. Despite incontinence, I’ve put her on my lap, which she seems to appreciate.

Today, sadly, I had to write

RIP Chelsea.

My lovely cat Chelsea passed away this lunchtime, lying peacefully on a towel on my lap at home, after an injection from the vet.
Fond memories of eleven years together.