strawberry towers

It was only three weeks ago that I 3-D printed, assembled, filled, and planted up the strawberry towers. The plants were in a pretty dried out state when they arrived, and despite soaking then for a couple of days I wasn’t expecting them to do particularly well to start with.

However, to my delight, the first strawberry flower has just opened, with lots of buds nearly ready to follow on. I don’t have enough ever to get a bowlful, but picking the odd one to munch when I stroll up the garden is something to look forward to.

upcycling ?

Being a good Green, I’m recycling the banner I had for the local elections to do duty at the General Election. Cut down, border glued, eyelets applied, handwritten imprint in white acrylic marker … it’s ready to go somewhere that gets more passing traffic than my quiet road!