garden bits

My sweet peas are running late this year. Planted indoors, then planted out at the usual times, but they’re very backward. However, a climbing vetch has colonised one group of sweet peas, which is rather charming. It’s exactly the right colours to tone in when pea flowers eventually happen – as usual, I’m growing “Cupani”, which is the original sweet pea dating from around 1700.

RIP Chelsea cat

I posted this to Facebook last night:

More bad news …
I got home to find that Chelsea-cat has lost the use of her back legs, and lost continence.. Though they’ve been dodgy for a while, she now simply cannot use them. I spoke to the vet nurse, and have arranged a visit tomorrow lunchtime, but the nurse gently said that it may be end-of-life, and I rather think he’s right.
She’s very nearly 17, which is a fair age. She doesn’t seem to be in pain, so much as in severe distress at her inability to move. Despite incontinence, I’ve put her on my lap, which she seems to appreciate.

Today, sadly, I had to write

RIP Chelsea.

My lovely cat Chelsea passed away this lunchtime, lying peacefully on a towel on my lap at home, after an injection from the vet.
Fond memories of eleven years together.


Taxi to the station booked for 0630h on Monday morning (ugh!). Our annual boating holiday on the Norfolk Broads, and I’m more than ready for it. Local elections (I failed to be elected by 37 votes) followed by General Election (I’m printing 63,000 items for one of our target candidates) has left me pretty much in shreds.

I’ll largely be doing a “digital detox” (partly because WiFi is intermittent and charging phone/iPad is difficult, admittedly).

Flaming June?

Flaming June?
Not what is normally meant by that! Despite a long-sleeve thermal undershirt, I’ve been freezing today, and my arthritis is playing hob. It feels like November rather than a few days before Midsummer, so I’ve reluctantly acted accordingly and lit the stove.


I’ve been over visiting my mum in hospital – she had a stroke at the weekend, but is recovering slightly. As usual, the trip there and back the same day on the wretched Hitachi 800 trains has left me almost unable to walk – the seats seem specifically designed to wreak havoc on the spines of anyone over 5’9″ tall !

Blood test for me tomorrow morning, to try to find out why I’m still having shaking spells.

Not one of the better patches, really – still, it’s my annual holiday on the Broads next week, which will be much-needed break and relaxation. And tonight I struggled up the garden to pick the first home-grown lettuce (rather late, but I’ve had shop-bought to use up), to have with ciabatta rolls and salami. There was a quick munch on the first half-dozen raspberries while I was passing.


I’ve agreed to print and fold 63,000 A5 double-sided “blue letters” for Carla Denyer in Bristol. She’s our best hope for a / an additional Green MP, so I’m pleased to help. 7,000 were done at the start of last weeks, and an additional 2,000 were collected on Friday. Slightly different artwork for the batch I’ve just finished – below is what 20,000 blue letters looks like! Only 34,000 to go. Still massive problems with te folding machine – it only does about 1-2,000 folds before giving up and needing the temporary fix of a wire through where the defective roller pin should go replaced.

Also, sadly, Mum was unresponsive when Sharon tried to wake her on Saturday, and was taken to JR. An MRI revealed a bleed on the brain – a stroke, in short. On Sunday she was apparently unresponsive while being washed, but – to the surprise of the medical team – came to when she heard Jane’s voice talking to the nurses. She’s apparently eating and drinking OK, and can speak in short sentences, very slowly. Per her advance directions, no major intervention is to take place: she’s on supportive care only. I’m going over tomorrow- rather earlier than usual, as I hope to be there when the doctor does their rounds.

I’m still very shaky on the least exertion. Feels like a massive adrenaline buzz, or like far too much caffeine. Blood test on Wednesday morning (12th).


Chelsea-cat has been having a bit of a rough time recently. Her back legs have been dodgy since last summer, and not brilliant over the winter (though she still managed to jump onto the kitchen table for food). On Friday night things took a massive turn for the worse, and she couldn’t use her back legs to walk, dragging herself along by her front legs. She recovered gently over Saturday, more so on Sunday and Monday.

Vet-at-Home visit today. It’s possible that her kidneys are failing, and she certainly has bad arthritis, so a relieving injection that lasts for a month has been given (can be repeated if necessary). I have a supply of oral painkiller if she seems to be in severe distress. She’s nearly 17, so it’s basically old-age stuff – I sympathise!

Cost about £180, which I was happy to pay. Chelsea really isn’t up to a cat-basket trip to the surgery even at her best (and I’m not sure that I am, either). Chelsea got an extra lunch for being cooperative!