Ugh! Ironing!

This is turning into an annual post!

Ironing is one of my least favourite domestic chores, ranking well above emptying the cat litter tray on the scale of hatedness. Long gone are the days of ironing a daily shirt at breakfast time before going in to work – it’s a chore I now usually avoid!

However, I’ll need to look marginally less scruffy when standing outside my local polling station on Thursday, and at the Count on Friday, so the iron has been dragged out from the deepest recesses of the cupboard.

more seasonal decorations

The last of the seasonal decorations goes up! It couldn’t be put up earlier, as it cuts down the light that all the plants in the front room need. It’s sort of an extra … when I ordered the banner for the top of Mayfield Road, I had to get two of them to meet the minimum order value.

And before anyone gets on their high horse, the imprint on the banner reads “Promoted by C Wratten on behalf of J Trimmer and N Weeks (Green Party) all at 3 Mayfield Road WR3 8NS”

local coverage

Well, the local elections are only six days away now.  The local LibDems seem to be focussing exclusively on trashing the Greens, and the Tories seem to have given up completely, not even bothering to send candidate statements and photos for nearly half the Wards for the local press features!

A previously, I’ve archived my stuff to the Wayback Machine ( – and here are links to the Worcester News (which regurgitated my prepared statement) and Worcester Observer (which did some actual journalism, but used a couple of quotes from the statement we sent them as well as background research).

Worcester News: Warcester News – Rainbow Hill candidates

Worcester Observer: All you need to know ahead of next week’s elections


It’s been a very pleasant and peaceful day. Clare Wratten invited me round for lunch (with an unexpected birthday cake), which was followed by sitting in my garden in the sunshine, with an occasional nap.

I did manage to make a blueberry flan for tonight – the sinfulness of the centimente-thick layer of whipped cream being partly mitigated as the flan base was a fatless sponge. Of course, that doesn’t keep well, so the whole thing will have to be eaten within 48 hours … I’ve made a start! It’s a “sod-the-diet” days, so steak, chips and salad will feature as a first course.

garden bits

The first decently-sunny afternoon that I haven’t been up to my eyeballs in Green Party stuff, and the garden called. It has been looking rather too much like a failed experiment in accidental urban re-wilding !

Fortified with back brace (preventative), ibuprofen (anti-inflammatory) tramadol (opioid painkiller), also strimmer, lawnmower, 150 litres of shredded coir, and “shovels and rakes and implements of destruction” (see “Alice’s Restaurant”), out I went.

So, two of the 1-metre square raised veg beds weeded and coir compost dug in to relieve heaviness. Lawn and paths strimmed, mown and edged, grass on the patio dealt with … and reclining patio chair sat in!

Next week, hopefully I can re-do the rose arch, which collapsed in recent gales. 3X3 timber, post-mix etc ordered for delivery on Monday: though when I’ll get a chance to do the work I’m not sure.


Having not set paw outside since well before Christmas, Chelsea-cat has decided it’s now spring! Three times so far today she’s exited through the cat flap. Sadly, she persists in her delusion that it’s a one way device, and that the only way back in is to persuade me to open the French windows …


I was given a Roomba robot vacuum cleaner about 16 years ago, shortly after I first became disabled and was really struggling to get hoovering done.. It was a major present, with all family members contributing.
After two changes of battery, and lots of minor maintenance, it finally died last year.I’ve just bought a Neato equivalent … things have come on a lot! It doesn’t have to bump into things to detect them. It’s controlled by an app! It stores a map of the room, and I can set boundaries, rather than having to set up little transmitters to barrier off areas.

garden bits

The camellia and the azalea share a large tub of (peat-free) acid compost. For the first time, the last blossom on the camellia is still going when the first blossoms on the azalea are opening. Not really one of the best colour combinations in my garden!

garden bits

I do love the smell of the tomato leaves as I brush against them when planting them out!

In an ideal world, I’d have put the plants out a week ago. Sadly, I was too busy, and the weather too inclement, so they’ve got rather leggy. Still, I expect they’ll recover.