a gentle hirple

I seem to have dropped a bit behind my target of 5000 steps a day (April to October, British Summer time!), so thought a stroll was in order. Down to the canal, and along as far as the Bilford Road bridge, then down the side of the recycling centre, back up the hill and home. It was rather hayfeverish, but very pleasant.

garden bits

Many people dislike the smell of Valerian, but I quite like it, and certainly don’t mind cutting it to use indoors in a vase. It’s planted next to the catnip – moggies adore both these plants!

Elsewhere, the blue irises are in full stream, and the “Allium Christophii (Albopilosum)” (which I love for the silvery metallic sheen in its petals) is just starting to open. The smaller, deep purple, alliums are in full glory.