vile weather

It’s not cold – the central heating didn’t even come on this morning – but vilely damp everywhere. Not good for aches and pains, especially as I’ve stopped taking multiple painkillers I needed to get through Local Election day (tramadol, in particular, is rather addictive, so I limit myself to three days at a time).

So, if we’re going to have February-like weather, I’ll treat it like February! A small fire is lit, and there’s a covered bowl of crumpet batter beside it, waiting in the warm for the yeast to do its wonderful work. That will take an hour or so, and a little snooze will pass the time …

It turned out to be one of the most successful batches of crumpets I’ve ever made – nearly all of them came out with an appropriate number of holes. I’d forgotten that I usually halve the recipe, so having had two at teatime there will be six to go in the freezer for future rainy days … though I think we’ve had our ration of those recently!