garden bits, Mum in hospital

A rare gleam of sunshine this morning lit up the flowers opening on the mahonia in a pot outside the back door. Otherwise, it’s been grey all day, and feels a lot colder than the 8C the thermometer shows … stove is lit.

Mum was taken in to JR2 on Friday, with most of the signs of a stroke though so far tests are negative. Most worrying are hallucinations and a complete personality change – she’s gone from being rather depressed about being largely bed-bound at home to being almost manically cheerful, which slightly makes up for an almost-complete loss of contact with reality. I visited yesterday (Sunday), but only stayed for an hour as she was becoming rather restless.

Between travel and waiting times between buses and trains, I was out of the house for nearly seven hours. It’s left me rather aching today, though surprisingly the knee ligament that’s given me trouble for the past week seems not to have been affected.