unexpected contact

I had a completely unexpected Facebook message last night, from someone I haven’t seen since 1967! It was Hugh Jupp, who now uses his first name of Chris. We knew each other quite well, as he lived in Freeland (the next village), so often caught the Number 53 bus together.

It seems that discovering a photo of me from back in those days was the trigger for this … he’s sent me a decent copy now I’ve given him my email. I’m not sure that I’d recognise many of us from photos aged eleven, but perhaps context gave him a clue who I was. I think the photo was summer 1966, so I’d have been 11 at the time.

plant bits

I was absolutely sure that I had courgette sees left over from last year: I only sowed two seeds, and there must have been more than that in the packet. Nevetheless, there was no sign of courgettes in the seed box when I looked.

I’ve now ordered a replacement pack. It’s a sad state when the postage costs as much as the seeds! I’ve gone for “Soleil” again, as it was a success last year, with a genuinely compact bush habit, tasty yellow fruit, and quite prolific. I’m giving up on green courgettes, as they never do quite as well here, though I’ve tried several varieties.