I have an extremely dodgy knee at the moment, so have spent the day with my legs propped up on the stool and taking regular painkillers (compression bandage due for delivery tomorrow). Chelsea-cat thinks this is great, as it gives her a warm lap to sit on! Me, not quite so impressed, but not feeling capable of out-stubborning her.


Today would have been Maurice’s 32nd birthday, had he lived to see it. I still miss him, of course, but am grateful that he was spared the many months of covid lockdown with which he simply would not have coped.

VLUU L100, M100 / Samsung L100, M100


Chives spread everywhere in this garden, and I can’t restrain myself any longer. It may seem brutal to attack them when they’re so young, but tonight will the first cheddar-and-chive omelette of the year.


Nipping out to the compost bin between showers, I noticed the first frog-spawn has appeared in my pond.

Hopefully, froglets will stand a better chance of survival this year – the inveterate frog-hunter Enzo (the former next-door-cat) has moved to the other side of Worcester.

Shrove Tuesday.

Pancake Day! The first one never turns out quite right, somehow … but they were delicious. Lemon and sugar, of course … chocolate spread, marmite, grape jelly and similar abominations would not be countenanced!

vigil, garden bits

I’m finding movement rather difficult today – attending the vigil for Brianna Ghey outside the Guildhall last night was pretty much at the limit of what I’m capable of currently. WN article on the vigil archived at https://web.archive.org/web/20230219203343/https://www.worcesternews.co.uk/news/23332107.vigil-held-worcester-murdered-trans-schoolgirl-brianna-ghey/

At the end, I met up Melissa, Sue, Karen, and we chatted for some while (the photo is by Melissa). I walked up and caught a cab at Foregate Street. This morning, I’m distinctly stiff and painful – bloody post-covid recovery seems to be taking an age (it’s been eight weeks so far!), but I’m definitely improving slowly.

In the garden this morning there was another batch of purple crocus, and the ones under the tree seat are now starting to open.

garden bits

The first few daffodils have opened, to greet a mild and overcast morning. They’re in the pot by the French window, so I see them from my armchair – the ones in the front garden will be a few days yet.

garden bits

The first of the Spring Snowflakes (Leucojum vernum) is showing itself this morning. Normally, they appear after the first daffodils – but all my daffs are running at least a fortnight late this year!

Vile morning!

An early fog lifted to a morning of low cloud, leaving everywhere outdoors covered in a film of moisture and the air inside damp. Arthritis in fingers, wrist and ankles duly experienced. I was severely tempted to stay in bed with coffee and ibuprofen, but got a text advising me of a delivery between 0950 and 1050. As deliveries are sometimes early, I had no choice but to get up.

It turned out to be ten thousand sheets of A5 paper for the Green Party, in three large heavy boxes. At least it was nothing fiddly requiring manual dexterity!

By noon there’s sporadic breakthroughs of sunshine, so I’m a bit more in working order, and should manage to sow tomatoes today (Valentine’s Day) as is my tradition. This year will be the orange “Monkton Wylde” that was a success last year, and my usual “Black Russian”.

eurghhh !

There’s been an increasing buildup of ice in the fridge part of my fridge/freezer. I can’t really see any reason for it: the setting is much as it’s always been, the freezer is fine, but there’s some three inches of ice halfway up on the left-hand side! Having run down fridge stocks, it’s out with bowls of steaming water … and I’d better clean the fridge inside properly while I’m at it.

If it happens again, I suppose I’ll have to pull the thing out and clean behind it: possibly the fins are obstructed by cobwebs and crap.. Not an easy job, as there’s a bare two inches of clearance at the sides …

And as part of today’s fridge clear-out: the very last square of the membrillo (quince cheese) I made last autumn. Yum!