It’s chutney time !

It’s chutney time!
A bowl of green tomatoes that at this point in the year are unlikely to ripen, the last of the Worcester Pearmain apples, other bits and spices … and the stench of boiling vinegar. Fortunately, it’s warm enough to have the doors and windows open!

so close!

It’s the Equinox today. I’d been aiming for an average of 4,500 steps a day during the lighter months of the year, from equinox to equinox. Sadly, I had a rather bad ten days earlier this month, where walking was very problematic, so I’ve just missed the target, with an average of 4,492 steps. Still, much better than the last couple of years …

Target for the dark six months of the year? Being realistic, I’m frequently so mobility-impaired as to be unable to leave the house … honesty compels me to say that 2,000 would be realistic, but I’ll be incredibly hopeful and settle on 2,750 !