Today’s walk was a bit shorter than yesterday’s (I’d had a busy morning in the garden). Glorious (though hayfevery) honeysuckle by Gregory’s Mill Bottom Lock, still a few bluebells in the wooded bit by Gregory’s Mill Top Lock, and the buds of dog-rose starting to open along the side of St Barnabas school.

map of route


honeysuckle flower

wild things

My “wildflower bank” is only about 2 metres x half a metre, but manages a good assortment of flowers. The first buttercup has opened, a brassy glare in the morning sunshine and almost impossible to photograph as the petals are so brightly reflective!

And, as I posted to the Allotment & Garden group, “How’s everyone doing for bees this year? I’ve seen very few, even on the rosemary (now over) and thyme (in full bloom). The mining bees have just started making nests in the cracks in the concrete path, but there’s little sign of other bee activity here …. hopefully, when the ceanothus opens next week I’ll see more of them.

bright buttercup against dark grass leaves


mound of dry soil, with two entrance-holes to mining bee nests