sign of spring

I’ve been off Facebook for three weeks or so, and avoiding contact – a bad depressive episode has floored me. I’m now starting to poke my head above the parapet again, rather cautiously.

It’s one of my personal rituals to bring forsythia indoors on New Year’s Day: I’ve been doing it for over 30 years now. This morning, the first buds opened, bringing a sense of moving forward towards spring. Upstairs, the amaryllis flowers have opened on the bathroom windowsill. I’m pleased with this one – it’s the 7th year its blossomed for me.

Quarter of an hour in the garden this afternoon – the first time this year it hasn’t been frozen solid! Thecages over the kale and chard, which had been flattened by snow, have been sorted out. I’ve also planted (more in hope than expectation) some byzantine gladioli that I got last spring – they’re supposed to need to be frosted, so here’s hoping!

forsythia flowers opening


amaryllis flower