Visiting Mum

Over at my Mum’s for the weekend due to covid, my first visit for five months! Sadly, I was too late for any of the orchids on the common, but I did catch the very last of the orchids that are gradually colonising her lawns! Early Purple, Pyramid, and Bee orchids have all staked their claim over the past few years.

On the Common, harebells were dancing in a gentle breeze. I do love them!

I’m used to a wide variety of birdlife in the garden there, deep in the Oxfordshire Cotswolds, but it gave me quite a shock when I opened the front door this morning to encounter these two! They seemed to want to come indoors, but I persuaded them otherwise. After about five minutes, a farmer came up the drive, with loud exclamations of “there they are!”, and asked if it was OK to take them away. So they were last seen being gently encouraged down the road and then up the bridleway.



two hen turkeys
two hen turkeys