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It’s exciting when an unexpected plant suddenly appears! A 60cm high “something” has sprung up amongst the drumstick aliums, and I’m really not sure what it could be. I haven’t planted anything there, nor sown any seeds.

I have the vaguest suspicion that it might be some kind of sunflower, possibly from seeds from my or my neighbours’ birdfeeder. But it’s nothing much like the two “Russian Giant” sunflowers against the fence (currently about 1.5 metres high, and growing rapidly).

After posting this on Facebook, there was a suggestion to use Google Photos and look it it up. So:

I got offered “Evening Primrose” (which it defitiely isn’t – they are ten feet up the same bed!) and “Great Mullein” (which it definitely isn’t – I grew one two years ago). Third choice was “Sunflower”, so I think we can go with that.

unknown plant


"Russian Giant" sunflowers