garden bits

I’ve had to prop up one of the branches on the Black Pear of Worcester! There are about a dozen fruit on this branch (having been thinned from twice that many), and they don’t get picked until November (then stored, for eating from March onwards).

Given the recent gusty winds and risk of late-summer gales, I thought I’d better take precautions against the entire branch snapping off!

I also had a serious go at the pond pump, which has been out of action fora month! All filters brought in and washed out in the sink (about six changes of water), and pump unit hosed down. TheĀ  whole thig reassembled, and put in a “pond pump filter bag” bought on ebay which arrived a couple of days ago. I’d like to think that’s it sorted for the rest of the summer – sadly, experience suggests I’ll do well to get a month out of it!

Black Pear of Worceste plus prop