assorted flower things

The little geraniums (cranesbills, not pelargoniums) are now in full flower. The pale one is the “pencilled geranium” (g. versicolour), and I think the darker one is a cultivar of the “Bloody Cranesbill” (g. sanguineum). Excellent plants, which go on flowering for most of the summer … though they do get out of hand and need trimmed back towards the end of the season.

I spent the afternoon taking down the overgrown rosemary “Miss Jessop”, now that the flowers are over and it was no longer covered in bees. Hopefully, that will make the herb bed more useful. There’s a replacement “Miss Jessop” already installed in a half barrel, in which I’ve also planted parsley.

Not a very long walk today: 1.69 miles, – just down Merrimans Hill to the canal, and back up the footpath from Gregorys Bank top lock. I was too tired after an active afternoon gardening!

I was delighted to see the dog roses are starting to come out – they were in tight bud when I passed this way 3 or 4 days ago.

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