chocolate pods and tadpoles …

There I was in the Co-Op, shopping for milk (essential) and mayo (‘cos I feel too lazy to make my own) when I became aware of a strange object. I’m not really one for Easter eggs, and this isn’t one … it seems to be a “chocolate pod celebrating 25 years of FairTrade, and is therefore completely different!

It’s now “decontaminating itself” in isolation in the front room, for several days. And will have to be consumed in minute portions, due to diet.

Back from shopping, and a quick check round the garden …

TODAY is tadpole-hatching day! I’ve been keeping an eye out several times a day – last year they hatched on 28th March, so they’re a bit late this year. Six balls of frog-spawn all hatching simultaneously, in my tiny (6′ x 2’6″) pond … wonderful stuff.

chocolate pod


tadpole video on Facebook post