Far too warm!

The front room has been unusually warm for the last couple of days. Having taken the thermostat in there to check, it was over 80F (27C).  An investigation of the radiator showed that the head of the TRV had pinged off! On closer examination, the bits of the head supposed to grip the valve body had got embrittled, and clearly shattered.

shattered grip on TRV head

Not a good start, really. However, I discovered replacement valve heads at Toolstation for £9.99 – frustratingly just under the £10 minimum order for free delivery. I bulked it out with a couple of steel straps, to hold back the clematis over the porch at my Mum’s house.

To my astonishment, I had a phone call from the pre-diabetes people early afternoon! They’ve offered me an initial appointment next Tuesday – a really rapid response, considering their website warns of potential delays of up to four weeks! I had already decided to start keeping a food-and-activity log again, like the one I kept for several months last spring – precipitated by the scales hitting 74kg yesterday morning! I’d really like to keep around 70, though somehow 71 seems to be more realistic.

frustration and floods

I went to collect new glasses yesterday afternoon. Distance ones were great – but the “reading” ones were seriously fucked up (they actually were worse than no glasses at all). The assistant couldn’t actually work the terminal at the desk properly, so a) moved me to another desk then b) kicked the problem upstairs to her boss. Some 20 minutes later, we managed to establish that the glasses were for a reading distance of 30-40cm, when I had quite specifically stated that for use on the laptop (where I do most of my reading) it needed to be a distance of 50-60cm. So, assorted different lenses tried, and we reached agreement … but then a ten-minute wait to catch a passing optician to actually sign off on altering the prescription. Not happy, I’ll have to wait another week for them to be done.

Then a stroll down to the river, to see how the floods compare with previous years. I think this year is the highest I’ve seen – I reckon that if I were sitting at the Cafe tables outside Browns on the quay, the top of my head would be about 18 inches under water. And looking through the back door of Browns, the door seals and pumps did seem to be doing a reasonable job – there was only a few inches of water on the floor of the bar. Photo gallery below.

I caught the bus home. The bus could not turn right out of the bus station as the road was flooded, and had to crawl all round the far side of the City centre in roads jammed with other diverted traffic. A 45-minute journey instead of the usual less-than-ten.

And when I got home, there was a letter from my GP surgery, relating to a blood test last September. When I originally rang for results from that, they said everything was fine, although I discovered by accident at my last GP appointment (for something completely unconnected) that I have now crossed the line and am “pre-diabetic”. An hbA1c level of 44, in fact. The letter enclosed a form referring me to a “Healthier You – Pre-diabetes programme”. It was a paper form, with the instructions “Email completed forms to …“! After some ferreting about on the net, I did eventually discover an online version of the form. It may take a month or more for them to get back to me, apparently.