more sowing

I sowed the luffa seeds a week ago, as some books/sites say they can take two or three weeks to germinate. It took less than three days – they’ve already reached the point of needing transplanted !

Today being Valentine’s Day, as usual I sowed tomatoes. Despite having said I wouldn’t grow “Latah” again, I’ve sown some! There just isn’t anything else I can see that’s that early (60 days after planting out, which I do around 21st April) – although Real Seeds Co is entirely justified in describing it as “Absurdly early red tomato. Untidy sprawling bush.

I also sowed “Urbikany“, which last year proved to have a surprisingly long season after an initial glut, and of course “Black Russian“. All the tomato seeds are home saved – fingers crossed, though it worked well enough last year.

Still very soggy outside, so I’ll put off sowing Broad Beans for another week or so. As last year’s trial of “Aquadulce” was disappointing, I’m reverting to “Sutton” this year – dwarfish, productive, but a little prone to rotting if the soil is waterlogged.

Daffodils in full bloom outside the front door, which is cheerful.