Summertime …

A baking hot July day, and I’ve done absolutely nothing, as I’m exhausted after the West Midlands Green Party Conference at the Worcestershire Cricket Club ground yesterday.

It’s a perfect summer evening. At quarter to ten it was just cool enough to put a T-shirt on. There are just enough clouds to catch the very last rays of the setting sun, and the 3/4 moon is hanging above the trees.

it’s back !

I had my e-bike back yesterday from it’s first-ever service (just over 5 years since I bought it). Very pleased with the work, which included new tyres and inner tubes, new saddle, new front light, and full service. Collected from and returned to my house, which is a big bonus. All things considered, very reasonably priced at £150, on a bike many companies won’t touch as it’s shaft drive. Thanks, Jeremy at MobileCycleTech.

Upgrade time

I’ve avoided upgrading this installation of WordPress for rather a long time! Upgrade via ftp wasn’t working, for entirely unknown reasons, and manually deleting whole directories and uploading different ones is a terrifying thought … in fact, I’ve only done it once before.

Anyway, an email to my webhost resulted in the suggestion of re-setting all permissions to default, which they’ve recently introduced a specific button to do. So I did that, but .ftp from within WordPress still didn’t work. So I fired up my reliable stand-alone .ftp program, did a full backup download, and took my courage in both hands and followed detailed instructions from the WordPress site. It worked! OK, it took about three hours all told, but I’m now on WordPress 6 rather than 5.

And best of all, it now updates from within my WordPress control panel, including automatic updates of plugins, so hopefully I won’t have to go through this slightly terrifying circus in future!

another one gone

Worcester News reported this morning that Ben Kreisler has died.  My reflection on Facebook:

One of Maurice’s closest friends in Worcester. I always got on well with Ben when I ran into him. Ben was remarkable as the only street-homeless person I knew (and there were many, during the period Maurice was in my life) who very often had a book in his hand and would sit reading, absorbed, away from his surroundings. We all find our escapes where we can, and it’s a shame that Ben (and, for that matter, Maurice) found one of them in heroin.

It’s brought back a few not-too-good memories: I don’t cope well when people much younger than me die, however much in was in general terms foreseeable.


Merry Christmas all. It’s a dull murky day here at my Mum’s on the edge of the Oxfordshire Cotswolds, but next-door’s ornamental cherry tree is doing its best to provide a glimmer of cheer.

My own little garden is as much as I can manage nowadays,, but this is just one of the many, many, dozen plants that I wish I could somehow find room for!

Later … I remembered the fairly-columnar twisted cherry (Kojo-no-mai) thatI had in London, so in a quiet moment on Christmas afternoon I ordered one! I might manage to get it in the front garden, perhaps in a pot, eventually.

ornamental cherry pink flowers