post-election slump

Post-election slump – I didn’t wake up until nearly midday (and then had a nap of over an hour this afternoon). The rest of the day has been intermittent bits of self-pampering. The first homegrown strawberry this afternoon was fantastic – I’d forgotten how much better homegrown is than shop-bought. I fancied a crema catalana for pudding – sadly, I had no oranges so made do with clementines (as walking the hundred yards to the shop did not appeal) with lemon.

Election day – ii (domestic interlude)

Just after the last set of elections – the local ones on 2nd May – I got around to getting decently acquainted with my 3D printer. Having lost my previous strawberries in the notoriously-waterlogged Worcester winter, I decided to print some strawberry towers. The first one was planted up on 12th May (details here), followed by two others.

It’s now a bare two months later. The first tower – the “early” ones – is laden with fruit that is rapidly approaching ripeness. I’m delighted, and it’s unexpected, as strawberries generally don’t do brilliantly in their first year.


I’ve been over visiting my mum in hospital – she had a stroke at the weekend, but is recovering slightly. As usual, the trip there and back the same day on the wretched Hitachi 800 trains has left me almost unable to walk – the seats seem specifically designed to wreak havoc on the spines of anyone over 5’9″ tall !

Blood test for me tomorrow morning, to try to find out why I’m still having shaking spells.

Not one of the better patches, really – still, it’s my annual holiday on the Broads next week, which will be much-needed break and relaxation. And tonight I struggled up the garden to pick the first home-grown lettuce (rather late, but I’ve had shop-bought to use up), to have with ciabatta rolls and salami. There was a quick munch on the first half-dozen raspberries while I was passing.

veggie craving

I aim to have two lacto-ovo-vegetarian days a week, with a further three or four days a month where the only flesh is fish. My diet for most of the past week has been shit: due to election exhaustion it’s been mainly getting takeaways delivered for main meals.

Today, I had serious veggie cravings – unheard-of for me! So, home-made herby chickpea fritters with ratatouille for supper. Strawberries and cream for later. And I was inspired to try a low-calorie banana bread – apart from anything else, it doesn’t use butter or oil.. Taste is good, but the rise was very disappointing. Worth making again with at least double the quantity of baking powder, I think.


It’s been a very pleasant and peaceful day. Clare Wratten invited me round for lunch (with an unexpected birthday cake), which was followed by sitting in my garden in the sunshine, with an occasional nap.

I did manage to make a blueberry flan for tonight – the sinfulness of the centimente-thick layer of whipped cream being partly mitigated as the flan base was a fatless sponge. Of course, that doesn’t keep well, so the whole thing will have to be eaten within 48 hours … I’ve made a start! It’s a “sod-the-diet” days, so steak, chips and salad will feature as a first course.

Easter buns

I used to make Easter Buns fairly regularly, though it’s some years since I last did so. Yellow with saffron (much more so than the photo shows!) and lightly spiced, it seemed like a relaxing thing to do this afternoon.