stone fruit

I’d intended to order *either* apricots *or* peaches, but somehow ended up ordering both. Too much for me to eat before they go off, so I’ve bottled some of each. 2 apricots, or one large peach, in each of the single-serving (250ml) Kilner jars, should make pleasant meals on winter evenings.

orange … roma?

Just posted on Facebook, in the Allotment/Gardens Group and on my timeline:

Can anyone help identify this tomato? Grown from seed from a fruit I was given last year by Tony at the Community Garden at the Old North Stables. Sadly, he couldn’t remember the variety! It’s a brilliant orange when ripe, pretty much the colour of the most advanced one in the pic. An internet image search suggests it might be “Orange Roma”, but any other possible identifications would be most welcome!

3 orange plum-type tomatoes: one green, one turning colour, one ripe.

Black Russian

The first of this year’s Black Russian tomatoes. Sadly, split rather badly, almost certainly a result of my having been away at my Mum’s for four days last week during our recent record-breaking temperatures! Still, it will make a welcome addition to my lunchtime chicken sandwich.

Black Russian tomato

more garden bits

Now that flowering is over, it’s time to trim the ceanothus. Actually, more than trim – I reckon to remove about 2/3rds of the mass of it every year!

Later, the first little picking of golden French beans. The first time I’ve grown them, and they taste OK.

And, later still, the first luscious fig of the year, warm with the rays of the setting sun.



garden bits

Back home after a few days away on my annual boating holiday, and lots happening in the garden. The morning glory (“Grandpa Ott”) have started, the musk mallow in the wildflower bank by the pond are out, and the “grape tomatoes” in the potting shed have started to be pickable (sub-miniature, shown with a 5p bit for scale!)




yum !

My first strawberry of the season – just ripe before I go away for a few days for a meet-up of old schoolmates. 50 years since we all left school! Most of us are still recognisable, though.



The first finger-length courgettes – picked early as I’m going away for a few days and want to get ahead to the usual glut! I’ll have them sautéed in olive oil with chopped mint … yum.

two finger lenth yellow courgettes, sprig of mint

Yum !

The thing I’m reading at the moment keeps mentioning “chocolate-covered strawberries” Frequently. Repeatedly. It seems to symbolise some kind of attempted sybaritic lifestyle.

There’s a limit to what a man can stand. I had half a dozen strawberries left over from supper. I had chocolate – left over from a bar my Mum gave me at Easter.


tom thumb

Almost out of my mind with excitement! The first little picking of peas – subsequent pickings will be greater! It’s a sugarsnap type called “Tom Thumb” which only grows 10 inches tall, and they’re the first peas I’ve grown myself for over half a century!

They’ll make a pleasant little extra to go with the potato & (ex-frozen) broad bean salad and salmon fillet I had planned.