The first young leeks of the season. It feels suitably winter-like: temperature was down to 2C last night, and it won’t be long before the first frost.

It’s chutney time !

It’s chutney time!
A bowl of green tomatoes that at this point in the year are unlikely to ripen, the last of the Worcester Pearmain apples, other bits and spices … and the stench of boiling vinegar. Fortunately, it’s warm enough to have the doors and windows open!


A glorious sunny afternoon, and only a week until the Autumn Equinox. The haws on my Glastonbury Thorn are looking magnificent! No doubt hungry birds will discover them shortly …


It’s coming towards the end of the season, and it won’t be long before outdoor ripening stops and any remaining fruit are turned into green tomato chutney. However, the orange unknown variety is a sterling success (with a daily picking for lunch), and I’m still getting fruit on Latah and the Black Russian.


The first Deacon’s Pear of the year. They go from hard and green with a small red patch to this delightful soft gold-and-red within 24 hours! Then they have to be eaten almost straight away.

Not the most practical pear to grow, with the resultant short-lived glut, but delicious. I mainly chose it as a reliable pollinator for the Worcester Black Pear, but am very happy with it.


For the first time since I planted the tree 8 years ago, a significant proportion (over 1/3rd) of the Worcester Pearmain apples are free of the wretched codling moth! I’ve picked most of the lower ones – stewed apples and custard for pudding tonight, and I’ve bottled some apple purée for winter pies.

I’ve left the apples near the top of the tree, where they get more sun, in the hope they’ll fully ripen before the second brood of codling moth hatches and starts laying eggs …


early autumn …

Autumn creeps in gently. the Chinese lanterns are making a good show this year, after last year’s rather poor effort. Morning Glory “Grandpa Ott” is omnipresent in the background of almost everything down that side of the house – next year I must be more vigilant about pulling up self-sown plants in unwanted areas!