I’ve been over visiting my mum in hospital – she had a stroke at the weekend, but is recovering slightly. As usual, the trip there and back the same day on the wretched Hitachi 800 trains has left me almost unable to walk – the seats seem specifically designed to wreak havoc on the spines of anyone over 5’9″ tall !

Blood test for me tomorrow morning, to try to find out why I’m still having shaking spells.

Not one of the better patches, really – still, it’s my annual holiday on the Broads next week, which will be much-needed break and relaxation. And tonight I struggled up the garden to pick the first home-grown lettuce (rather late, but I’ve had shop-bought to use up), to have with ciabatta rolls and salami. There was a quick munch on the first half-dozen raspberries while I was passing.


I’ve agreed to print and fold 63,000 A5 double-sided “blue letters” for Carla Denyer in Bristol. She’s our best hope for a / an additional Green MP, so I’m pleased to help. 7,000 were done at the start of last weeks, and an additional 2,000 were collected on Friday. Slightly different artwork for the batch I’ve just finished – below is what 20,000 blue letters looks like! Only 34,000 to go. Still massive problems with te folding machine – it only does about 1-2,000 folds before giving up and needing the temporary fix of a wire through where the defective roller pin should go replaced.

Also, sadly, Mum was unresponsive when Sharon tried to wake her on Saturday, and was taken to JR. An MRI revealed a bleed on the brain – a stroke, in short. On Sunday she was apparently unresponsive while being washed, but – to the surprise of the medical team – came to when she heard Jane’s voice talking to the nurses. She’s apparently eating and drinking OK, and can speak in short sentences, very slowly. Per her advance directions, no major intervention is to take place: she’s on supportive care only. I’m going over tomorrow- rather earlier than usual, as I hope to be there when the doctor does their rounds.

I’m still very shaky on the least exertion. Feels like a massive adrenaline buzz, or like far too much caffeine. Blood test on Wednesday morning (12th).

GP, garden bits

Still having periods of tremors – especially after any kind of exertion, and brain doesn’t feel as though it’s firing on all cylinders. A visit to the GP this afternoon, who says it will probably gradually wear off over the next couple of weeks, but has ordered blood tests anyway. Next available slot for bloods isn’t for a fortnight!

Home for a stroll round the garden. The first flowers are opening on a pink foxglove in the wildflower bank, and in the old strawberry contained there’s the first (very small) flower on the cosmos plants (from home-saved seed, of course).

recovery time needed

Thursday evening (16th) was the first Election Strategy meeting. I got home about 10:30, given a lift by Clare. I got increasing wired, for some reason – didn’t go to bed until nearly 3, slept for 1/2 hour and was then awake until 6. Several days shaking, tremors, and feeling as though I was shivering internally, though no muscle movement evident, and a total inability to focus or concentrate. I’m still not over it, and today is Tuesday, though I feel I’ve turned the corner. Yesterday saw me able to realise that I’d done nothing at all about tomorrow’s Green Party Business Meeting, so forced myself to send an abject but brief email to relevant people.

I was over at Green Mount from late Saturday to yesterday teatime. I did almost nothing – a couple of walks. Sharon (Mum’s live-in carer) cooking the evening meals was a help, as I do still stress a bit when faced with the Aga.

The back fiekd was ablaze with yellow. My immediate reaction was “oilseed rape”, but realised that it couldn’t be – in fact, the horses have been moved off, it’s clearly being put down for hay, and the yellow was buttercups!

veggie craving

I aim to have two lacto-ovo-vegetarian days a week, with a further three or four days a month where the only flesh is fish. My diet for most of the past week has been shit: due to election exhaustion it’s been mainly getting takeaways delivered for main meals.

Today, I had serious veggie cravings – unheard-of for me! So, home-made herby chickpea fritters with ratatouille for supper. Strawberries and cream for later. And I was inspired to try a low-calorie banana bread – apart from anything else, it doesn’t use butter or oil.. Taste is good, but the rise was very disappointing. Worth making again with at least double the quantity of baking powder, I think.


British Summer time at last! In the cold damp GMT months my target was to average 3,400 steps a day, but I actually managed 4,715 this year. Whee!

Last year was 2,825 steps, 2022 was 2,977 steps, and 2021 was 2,120 steps for the same period,, so its a massive improvement. Sadly, trips to see Mum during her assorted hospital stays account for some of the increase, though they’re partly counterbalanced by recovery days immediately afterwards where I struggle to walk at all and sometimes don’t even hit 600.


Over visiting mum in hospital yesterday. There was far too much pacing around waiting for cancelled trains and missed buses and connections. I must stop doing that! I aim for 4,000 steps at this cold, damp, and miserable time of year … quadrupling that has left in a rather immobile and painful state this morning. Sadly, a trip to Birmingham for a meeting is needed.


It’s been a really draining couple of days. Yesterday was a lunchtime Teams about Mum’s abilities and discharge, followed by an evening emergency meeting about one of the WGP members (very stressful) and writing up a file note as impartially as I could. Today (which would have been Maurice’s 33rd birthday, had he lived to see it) has been emails, followed by a regular lunchtime campaign overview meeting, followed by the last follow-up to check my response to the formal diagnosis of ASD.

I’ve just posted on Facebook:
The rest of the stuff I was due to do today will have to wait until tomorrow. Current level of spoons:


A very difficult 40-minute phone conversation with Mum (who is in JR again) this morning. She’s obsessed with the idea that no-one pays any attention to her needs, that she never gets supper, and that Chloe has ordered a table for her that has not arrived (?). It did really shake me up, as there weren’t the usual patches of coherence. She’s very agitated, and got a bit teary … in the end, I just had to say firmly “goodbye” and hang up.

Feeling in need of a bit of self-pampering this afternoon. Home made scones with apple and quince jelly (2020 vintage) and cream seemed in order. Sadly, whipped cream rather than clotted – still, can’t complain.

New Year’s Day.

As always, I’ve brought in forsythia on New Year’s morning. I spent a fair bit of yesterday and this morning changing my “weight and activity” spreadsheet from running from 1st March (I started it on 1st March 2020) to running from 1st January. Target steps for 2024 are 3,300 steps in winter and 5,400 steps in summer … which is perhaps pushing it just a bit too far, but hopefully will motivate me a bit.

.                              BLUE – 2020    RED – 2021    YELLOW – 2022     GREEN – 2023