Bath: ex-MCS “class of ’72” meet-up

This was the hotel I was in – just by the old Toll Bridge at Batheaston.


view of hotel at Batheaston

We met initially in an upper room of a pub in central Bath, but it was obviously going to be unsuitable for Dave Keene’s wheelchair. Fortunately, they were able to relocate us to a “downstairs” room at the back – level access from the service road at the back (and far more convenient for nipping out for a quick e-cig!)

Back at the hotel, the heating in my room was stuck on, so it got to over 30C. That woke me around 0300h, so I left the door open and went for a it by the river, wearing as little as is decent! Saturday morning I spent wandering round the old mill bit of the hotel, before checking out and going into Bath. The pub we were in was exactly across the road from the end of the Kennet and Avon canal, so a gentle stroll round was called for before meeting others at midday. Late afternoon I got a lift back to Worcester with Tony – always good to spend time with him!

old mill wheel
Kennet & Avon signboard

Trump demo

Reasonable turnout in Birmingham today – a few hundred at the designated demo area in Victoria Square in a very slight drizzle, and the number probably swelled to a thousand during the impromptu march round the central area.

Lots of signs, including home-made ones (always better than the mass-produced-lefty efforts).

I got back to find that Worcester has obviously had decent heavy rain (which I completely avoided), as several plants have been temporarily flattened by it.

silly time to get up

Up at silly-o’clock, gulping my second mug of coffee before going over to my Mum’s to be supportive for a hospital appointment she has this morning. Ocado delivery successfully postponed from 1030 this morning to 2230 tonight, other deliveries expected today will probably need to be collected from a depot somewhere dreadful in due course ….


News on Mum is that she had (mild) pneumonia, but is bow slowly recovering, though it may take a couple of months.


Cycling weather has been here for the last few days. To replace the cheap and cheerful electric bike I had stolen last autumn, I have gritted my teeth and just ordered a rather nice shaft-drive (no messy chains or oiling) folding electric bike, 3 hub gears (no bloody-finnicky derailleurs for me!), with carrying bag. Also a silver-grade lock and cable, a pannier bag, and insurance.

I blanched slightly at the total cost … it will have to live indoors rather than chained up outside! That was part of the reason for “folding”, as well as offering the possibility of taking it on trains and so on.


Thick mist this morning as I left home a bit after 7am to cycle to the station. I discovered that the front light on the bike is not working (probably a loose wire or connector problem: it’s an LED strip running off the same battery as everything else). Fortunately, the rear light is fine – I worry more about things coming up on me from behind, as if they come from in front I stand some chance of seeing them and taking evasive action!


Back from my annual few days on the Broads. Wonderful company, fabulous sunsets, misty mornings, amd excellent wildlife (including a bittern, which none of us had ever seen before, herons etc – but no otter sighting this year).





Worcester show

It’s four years since I last went to the Worcester Show, and it’s come on massively! Very popular, lots of stalls, and even had a supervised bike park (desperately overcrowded:bigger needed next year: good,). Well done to all concerned in organising it.

Some of the stuff in the “produce” marquee wasn’t all that: I might consider going in for a couple of classes next year. Only one (very busy) plant sales stall, but I did manage to pick up a kniphofia (red hot poker), which didn’t get *too* badly blown about during the trip home in the basket of the electric bike!

not a wonderful day

Yesterday was over to Bedford to see Maurice. I discovered that his last-ever contact with his kids was this morning, so stayed over ( Embankment Hotel: always very pleasant). Hopefully, I managed to provide Maurice with the emotional support he needed today.

I’m now on a train. I wish I could say a train home, but it is stubbornly sitting in one place “due to a fatality at Nuneaton”.

We’ve now all been rounded up and stuck on a train for Derby! I know there is a train from Derby to Brum, but I’ve only ever caught the 0630 version of it (which is moderately horrid).

(still later)
Now on a train which claims to be heading for Cardiff! At least it’s going Southwestwards, rather than further North. I have confidence that most such trains go through Birmingham …