change of allegiance

Six years ago today, I resigned from Labour and joined the Green Party. Absolutely the right move, and I’m grateful to our City and County Councillors and party members for the impact they’ve had locally.

I’m always very happy to work with Labour, LibDem, and the occasional Wet Tory and others, in areas we have in common … and this planet we inhabit surely ought to to be one such area.

earth with recycling logo

Green Party printing

Bloody printer/duplicator/thingy!

First 2000 sheets went through, at 100 pages a minute, without any problems. Then, without changing stencil,or ink, or anything except re-loading wiith more of the same paper, the next 2000 sheets produced nearly a hundred times I had to fish out bent or folded or misaligned or jammed sheets, even at the reduced speed of 60ppm.. I’ve turned it off … will attempt the final 1000 sheets at teatime.

Tomorrow will see doing the reverse side of all 5000, at this rate to be accompanied by multiple screams of rage and frustration …


Fortunately, the teatime batch went through with only one faulty page! I have no idea what the problem was … fingers crossed for tomorrow’s lot. In general, it’s something I’m happy to do, as leaflet distribution and door-knocking are not possible for me, but there are occasnally frustrating episodes!


Interesting e-mail today from my energy supplier! Certainly, the billing is far better than British Gas, who always overestimated massively (in spite of frequent complaints), and ended up refunding me over £500 every year. And, of course, it’s supporting renewable energy through matching, if not always direct consumption.

You may already know that today is United Nations World Environment Day.

Here at Octopus, we’re big fans of the United Nations Framework for Climate Change, and the Paris Accord.

We thought you might like a moment to appreciate the change you’ve brought about since switching to Octopus.

Since joining Octopus your household has released

325kg less CO2
than you would have with the typical UK supplier

That’s the same impact as 162 trees
100% of your electricity was matched with supply from British renewable energy producers.

75% came from solar,25% from anaerobic digestion

Bottreaux Mill Farm in Molland, Devon was the biggest contributor of renewable energy for your home

Matt retains St Stephen’s

“In St Stephen Green Matt Jenkins has held his seat, getting 1,514 votes. Conservative Alan Feeney was runner-up on 855.

Significant boost for the Greens, that. ”

(Worcester News at 1.04pm – scroll down)

Excellent result, and a tribute to all the hard work Matt and Green Party members have put in over a long period.

printing again

Yesterday’s threats and muttered curses seem to have had a salutary effect! Today’s print run of the flip-sides went through at normal speed with not a single problem or sheet ruined (as opposed to the hundred-plus damaged when doing the front sides yesterday).

If I’m going to be rational about it, it’s possible that the very high humidity yesterday was causing problems. Even though machine and paper live in my centrally-heated house, the paper comes in unsealed boxes.. Today is sunny and windy, and feels much less damp.

However, it’s rather more satisfying to feel that the machine might have taken notice of my imprecations!


bloody thing !

When I wheeled the printer out from its lair this morning, it really did NOT want to play! Folded sheets, creased sheets, off-centre sheets, and by way of variety occasionally biting the corner off an odd one.

After considerable negotiation, adjustment, and not a little bad language, a compromise was reached: it would play nice if I only asked it to print on the tedious speed of “slow” – 60 pages a minute instead of the standard 100 ppm.:

That”s five thousand Green Party newsletters front page done, with the flip sides to be printed tomorrow. I have threatened the printer that if it acts up tomorrow, it may be inviting a visit from the “man with the spanner” !

view of printer

first print run

That’s side one of the first newsletter I’ve printed for the Green Party. Letting the paper rest overnight, and running off side two tomorrow, is advised.
Chelsea-cat informs me in no uncertain terms that it interfered with her mid-morning snooze, but it’s something she will have to learn to sleep through!