Despite ongoing drought, relieved only by a couple of short showers in the past couple of days, the first of the gladioli opened this morning. I’ve re-staked it, as the open flowers are catching the rather considerable breeze we currently have.

yellow and red gladiolus flower

stone fruit

I’d intended to order *either* apricots *or* peaches, but somehow ended up ordering both. Too much for me to eat before they go off, so I’ve bottled some of each. 2 apricots, or one large peach, in each of the single-serving (250ml) Kilner jars, should make pleasant meals on winter evenings.

arm protectors

After eight years, the arm protectors on my chair have given up. It’s not so much me – it’s the place that Chelsea-cat uses as a jumping-off point for her frequent daring leaps onto the coffee table!

Sadly, finding anything decent as a replacement is proving rather a struggle, though I’ve ordered a pair of temporary “might just do for the time being” ones.

orange … roma?

Just posted on Facebook, in the Allotment/Gardens Group and on my timeline:

Can anyone help identify this tomato? Grown from seed from a fruit I was given last year by Tony at the Community Garden at the Old North Stables. Sadly, he couldn’t remember the variety! It’s a brilliant orange when ripe, pretty much the colour of the most advanced one in the pic. An internet image search suggests it might be “Orange Roma”, but any other possible identifications would be most welcome!

3 orange plum-type tomatoes: one green, one turning colour, one ripe.

Black Russian

The first of this year’s Black Russian tomatoes. Sadly, split rather badly, almost certainly a result of my having been away at my Mum’s for four days last week during our recent record-breaking temperatures! Still, it will make a welcome addition to my lunchtime chicken sandwich.

Black Russian tomato

end of a mini-era

My much-loved welders’ gauntlets have finally given out. For over thirty years they’ve defended me against splinters, prickles and scratches – everything from pulling out brambles, via pruning roses, to putting uncooperative moggies into the cat-carrier for trips to the vet. But there’s an afterlife for the gauntlets, cut into strips for use as tree ties and similar, so I haven’t seen the last of them.

New ones ordered – they’ve come down in price a lot and now only £5.99, whereas I think I paid about £15 for these ones!


No longer Chair …

On Wednesday night I did not stand for re-election as Chair of Worcester Green Party. After two interesting, occasionally fraught, and on-the-whole successful years the Party has grown to a point where I felt it would benefit for someone new in post – congratulations to Heather McNeillis.

I’ll continue to house the Risograph and print newsletters (for Worcester and other Green Party groups), and have been elected as Deputy Chair (just as occasional support for the Chair if needed).

fleas !

I got home from 4 days away to find that “someone” in the neighbourhood collection of felines has gifted me with a magnificent collection of fleas! In the carpet all round my armchair, and in the bedroom. Highly not amused!
It isn’t the resident Chelsea-cat, who appears clear of them. I doubt it’s the Marmalade Garden Cat, who only ever ventures as far as the kitchen. Probably not Murray or his sister, who I’ve never seen upstairs … which means suspicion falls on the very handsome next-door-cat Enzo. I’m on holiday-cover for feeding him all next week, and will examine him closely!
However, I’m well-prepared, even if the little blighters aren’t usually troublesome until September. Carpets sprinkled, left for an hour while I sat in the garden, then hoovered twice.
Fingers crossed that I win this round.