bathroom heater

After having been gently working on it for the past week, I’ve now finished installing a fan heater in the bathroom. Delays due to assorted bits arriving out of sequence, and only being able to work in daylight ‘cos most of it was in dark corners), but mainly due to dizzy spells and only managing 20 minutes at a time!

However, it’s in, and works, and hopefully will take the chill off the bathroom first thing in the morning – it’s always the last room to heat up, as (being in the outshot) it has two outside walls and a poorly-insulated sloped roof.

lazy afternoon

Fire lit, curtains drawn, time to settle down with a good book, coffee, and home-made chocolate/coffee éclairs.
It’s a new biography of Harold Wilson, who despite being deeply flawed is one of my political heroes: as Wikipedia says “The Wilson government oversaw significant societal changes in the United Kingdom, abolishing both capital punishment and theatre censorship, decriminalising male homosexuality in England and Wales, relaxing the divorce laws and liberalising birth control and abortion law.” I’d add the Equal Pay and the Race Relations acts to that … both made a good start but have necessarily been replaced as time went on.

new stool

I bought myself a rather nice antique footstool, which arrived a couple of days ago. However, I can’t use it for its intended purpose, as it was promptly commandeered by Chelsea-cat as the winter replacement for her summertime snoozing spot on the patio table. Still, she’s better there than occupying the back of my chair, which she’s done in previous years.



For a couple of months, I’ve been unable to adjust the central heating thermostat, as the “up” button has stopped working. I finally bit the bullet and asked Mark Evans – my usual boiler engineer – to install a “smart” thermostat instead. ¬£300 including fitting, which is a touch more than I’d expected, so let’s hope it lasts a while. The previous one did a touch under seven years, which for a non-smart device is a little disappointing.

house bits

A plague of irritating minor house maintenance stuff!
On Tuesday there was a fault on the burglar alarm, so it’s beeping every five minutes – engineer due this afternoon. Yesterday the bathroom window lock failed when closed, so I’ll need to hacksaw off the handle and replace it. Today the sealed-for-life CO detector reached the end of its battery life and squawked loudly every five minutes (new one ordered).
Hopefully these things run in threes and that’s my ration!

fern-leafed clematis

Opened this morning – the winter-flowering fern-leafed clematis (c. cirrhosa v. balearica “Freckles”).
It’s much the earliest that I’ve ever known it (though 2020 was 11th November) – usually December, sometimes not until the second week of January. Whichever, it’s a good source of nectar for late-flying bumble bees and other insects that come out in the sunshine.