garden bits

Back home after a few days away on my annual boating holiday, and lots happening in the garden. The morning glory (“Grandpa Ott”) have started, the musk mallow in the wildflower bank by the pond are out, and the “grape tomatoes” in the potting shed have started to be pickable (sub-miniature, shown with a 5p bit for scale!)





First flowers on the runner beans. It’s home saved seed, but the ancestry includes Painted Lady and Polestar.
Also, sadly, the first blackfly … there are half a dozen ladybirds in evidence, but that’s not really enough to do the job properly.

back home

Back home after a weekend away, and the alstroemeria is in bloom. There will be constant flowers on it now until first frost. There’s more orange by the pond, where the orange hawkbit (fox-and-cubs) is open.

exMCS reunion weekend

A fantastic (but exhausting) weekend – the “50th anniversary of leaving school” reunion, featuring buses, Blenheim Palace, beer (for those that do!), and much great conversation. Many thanks to each and every one involved!
Followed this morning at my Mum’s with “there isn’t really a ‘jobs list’ but could you …”. And my usual delightful walk round the common – the new maintenance regime seems to mean fewer low-level plants, and notably fewer large groups of orchids, though they continue to appear in more places than formerly. Honeysuckle and wild roses rise above everything, of course.

yum !

My first strawberry of the season – just ripe before I go away for a few days for a meet-up of old schoolmates. 50 years since we all left school! Most of us are still recognisable, though.



The first finger-length courgettes – picked early as I’m going away for a few days and want to get ahead to the usual glut! I’ll have them sautéed in olive oil with chopped mint … yum.

two finger lenth yellow courgettes, sprig of mint

it’s back !

I had my e-bike back yesterday from it’s first-ever service (just over 5 years since I bought it). Very pleased with the work, which included new tyres and inner tubes, new saddle, new front light, and full service. Collected from and returned to my house, which is a big bonus. All things considered, very reasonably priced at £150, on a bike many companies won’t touch as it’s shaft drive. Thanks, Jeremy at MobileCycleTech.